Awards and Honors:

Recipient of Honorary Degrees

Frank Bisignano (Doctor of Laws)
Vernon E. Jordan Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Vincent Poor (Doctor of Science)
Thomas Porter (Sakokwenionkwas, "the one who wins") (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Carrie Mae Weems (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Kevin Bell '74 (Doctor of Science)
Floyd Little '67 (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Donald Newhouse '51 (Doctor of Letters)
Tobias Wolff (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Bob Costas '74 (Doctor of Letters)
Charlotte Holstein (Doctor of Letters)
Mary Karr (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Sonia Nieto (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Richard L. Thompson G'67 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Bruce M. Alberts (Doctor of Science)
David Remnick (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Roy Simmons Jr. '59 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Alan Gerry (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Judith S. Kaye (Doctor of Laws)
Nicholas Kristof (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Wangari Muta Maathai (Doctor of Science) awarded posthumously
Charles Payne '70 (Doctor of Letters)

Joel Louis Lebowitz G'55,'56 (Doctor of Science)
Patricia Anne Moore (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Carl Jude Schramm (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Aaron Sorkin '83 (Doctor of Fine Arts)

John H. Chapple '75 (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Nicholas Donofrio G'71 (Doctor of Science)
Jessie C. Gruman (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Ei-ichi Negishi (Doctor of Science)
J. Craig Venter (Doctor of Science
Gerardine Wurzburg (Doctor of Letters)

Elizabeth Catlett (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Gerald B. Cramer (Doctor of Laws)
Jamie Dimon (Doctor of Laws)
Claire Mintzer Fagin (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Ronald Meyer (Doctor of Humane Letters)
George Allen Weiss (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Molly Corbett Broad (Doctor of Laws)
Charles J. Fahey (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Seymour M. Hersh (Doctor of Letters)
Irving Powless Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Gianfranco Zaccai (Doctor of Fine Arts)

John Allan Couri (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Jacques d'Amboise (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Edith Marie Flanigen (Doctor of Science)
Lynn Margulis (Doctor of Science)
Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn (Doctor of Letters)
Paul A. Volcker (Doctor of Laws)
Robert Wedgeworth (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Martin J. Whitman (Doctor of Laws)
Bob Woodruff (Doctor of Letters)

Thomas K. Gilhool (Doctor of Education)
Austin Roy Kalish (Doctor of Speech and Dramatic Arts)
Irma Ginsberg Kalish (Doctor of Speech and Dramatic Arts)
Frank McCourt (Doctor of Letters)
Martin A. Pomerantz (Doctor of Science)
Lily Yeh (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Dave Bing (Doctor of Laws)
Peter David Eisenman (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Billy Joel (Doctor of Music)
Carolyn Dineen King (Doctor of Laws)
Risa Lavizzo-Mourey (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Jane Goodall (Doctor of Science)
P. Ole Fanger (Doctor of Science)
Robert P. Moses (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Joseph O. Lampe (Doctor of Laws)
Kenneth A. Shaw (Doctor of Laws)
Mary Ann Shaw (Doctor of Humane Letters)
John Brooks Slaughter (Doctor of Science)
Jozef J. Zwislocki (Doctor of Science)

Helen Strassburger Boatwright (Doctor of Music)
George Campbell, Jr. (Doctor of Science)
William F. Walsh (Doctor of Laws)

Wendy H. Cohen (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Joanne Shenandoah (Doctor of Music)

Eileen M. Collins (Doctor of Science)
Goh, Kun (Doctor of Laws)
Catherine Liggins Hughes (Doctor of Letters)
Paul Kellogg (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Charles B. Rangel (Doctor of Laws)
Florence Schorske Wald (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Patricia Meyer Batin (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Joyce Carol Oates (Doctor of Letters)

Douglas D. Danforth (Doctor of Laws)
Marilyn Wakeland Hoskins (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Ralph Ketcham (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Constance Baker Motley (Doctor of Laws)
Yoshiro NakaMats (Doctor of Science)
Huston Smith (Doctor of Divinity)

Chinua Achebe (Doctor of Humane Letters)
H. Douglas Barclay (Doctor of Laws)
M. Elizabeth Carnegie (Doctor of Science)

College of Engineering Honorary
Fritz A. Traugott (Doctor of Science)

Mary Frances Berry (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Johnnetta Betsch Cole (Doctor of Laws)
Carlisle Floyd (Doctor of Music)
Kitty Carlisle Hart (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Law School Honorary
Alan M. Dershowitz (Doctor of Laws)

William H. Gerdts (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Vernon F. Snow (Doctor of Humane Letters)
J. Milton Yinger (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Conrad Lynn (Doctor of Laws)
Dennis B. Ross (Doctor of Laws)
Bill Viola (Doctor of Fine Arts)
John A. Williams (Doctor of Letters)

Shoshana Shoubin Cardin (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Amartya Kumar Sen (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Carl R. Woese (Doctor of Science)

Utica College Honoraries
Sherwood L. Boehlert (Doctor of Laws)
Prosper Igboeli (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Maxwell School Honoraries
Louis F. Bantle (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Henry G. Cisneros (Doctor of Laws)
James Jones (Doctor of Laws)
Jeanne Jordan Kirkpatrick (Doctor of Laws)
Donald William Meinig (Doctor of Humane Letters)
William Kane Reilly (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Elaine Frances Sciolino (Doctor of Letters)

Clara L. Adams-Ender (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Elton Clay Fax (Doctor of Letters)
Oren R. Lyons (Doctor of Laws)
Neil McIntosh (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Law School Honorary
Stewart F. Hancock, Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Charles Vert Willie (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Law School Honorary
John R. Dunne (Doctor of Laws)

Utica College Honoraries
Richard Benedetto (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Thomas J. Cahill (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Patricia Aburdene (Doctor of Humane Letters)
David Blackwell (Doctor of Science)
Melvin A. Eggers (Doctor of Laws)
Robert B. Menschel (Doctor of Laws)
John Naisbitt (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Chris J. Witting (Doctor of Laws)

Law School Honorary
Clarence Thomas (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Robert Ian Blaich (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Alan K. Campbell (Doctor of Laws)
Glen Leet (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Dorothea Ilgen Shaffer (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Thomas Nathaniel Todd (Doctor of Laws)

Law School Honorary
Roger J. Miner (Doctor of Laws)

Herbert R. Brinberg (Doctor of Science)
Gilbert M. Grosvenor (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Gerda Lerner (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Dorothy Porter Wesley (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Law School Honorary
Rudolph Guiliani (Doctor of Laws)

Utica College Honorary
Henry DiSpirito (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Apa B. Pant (Doctor of Laws)
Malcolm Stevenson Forbes (Doctor of Laws)
Stephen Rogers (Doctor of Laws)
Franklin Hall Williams (Doctor of Laws)

Law School Honorary
Judith S. Kaye (Doctor of Laws)

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (Doctor of Science)
Norman E. Isaacs (Doctor of Letters)
Thomas H. Kean (Doctor of Laws)
Tarky Lombardi, Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Carleton Sprague Smith (Doctor of Humane Letters)
David Mark Winfield (Doctor of Laws)
Donna E. Shalala (Doctor of Laws)

Law School Honorary
Abram Chayes (Doctor of Laws) Utica College Honorary
Edward W. Duffy (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Mario M. Cuomo (Doctor of Laws)
Grace Murray Hopper (Doctor of Science)
Yousuf Karsh (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Louis Krasner (Doctor of Music)
Benoit B. Mandelbrot (Doctor of Science)
Paul Taylor (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Terence A. Todman (Doctor of Laws)

Pearl Bailey (Doctor of Humane Letters)
William Fleming (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Helen Frankenthaler (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Alfred R. Goldstein (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Stefan Lorant (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Franklin Story Musgrave (Doctor of Science)

Law School Honoraries
Lawrence H. Cooke (Doctor of Laws)
Wilfred Feinberg (Doctor of Laws)
Sol Wachtler (Doctor of Laws)

Utica College Honorary
Mstislav Rostropovich (Doctor of Music)

Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid (Doctor of Science)
Ruth Johnson Colvin (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Renee Schine Crown (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Leo A. Goodman (Doctor of Science)
Christopher Keene (Doctor of Music)
Edward Everett Palmer (Doctor of Laws)
Dan Rather (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Peter Zeisler (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Law School Honorary
Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Doctor of Laws)

Daniel J. Boorstin (Doctor of Humane Letters)
William Mellon Cruickshank (Doctor of Pedagogy)
John Hersey (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Shirley Mount Hufstedler (Doctor of Laws)
Robert Koffler Jarvik (Doctor of Science)
William Arthur Lewis (Doctor of Science)

Law School Honorary
Elliot Lee Richardson (Doctor of Laws)

School of Management Honorary
Samuel Riley Pierce (Doctor of Laws)

School of Education Honorary
Seymour Bernard Sarason (Doctor of Humane Letters)

SUNY ESF Honorary
Russell Wilbur Peterson (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Gregory Richard Anrig (Doctor of Humane Letters)
William Ayres Arrowsmith (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Isabel Bishop (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Patricia Roberts Harris (Doctor of Laws)
Ted Koppel (Doctor of Laws)
An Wang (Doctor of Science)

Law School Honorary
Ralph Nader (Doctor of Laws)

Barbara Goldsmith (Doctor of Literature)
Alexander Meigs Haig, Jr. (Doctor of Public Service)
Melvin Carl Holm (Doctor of Public Service)
Katherine Anne Kendall (Doctor of Public Service)
Zachary Theodore Onyonka (Doctor of Public Service)
Willard Van Orman Quine (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Law School Honorary
Eleanor Holmes Norton (Doctor of Laws)

Jessie Shirley Bernard (Doctor of Laws)
James Michael Hanley (Doctor of Laws)
Elizabeth Gilmore Holt (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Bill D. Moyers (Doctor of Laws)
Peter Michael Rentzepis (Doctor of Science)

Law School Honorary
David S. Bazelon (Doctor of Laws)

Marian Wright Edelman (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Rev. Timothy S. Healy, S.J. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Tom Brokaw (Doctor of Laws)
H.Keffer Hartline (Doctor of Science)
Hallowell Davis (Doctor of Science)
Ingeborg G. Mauksch (Doctor of Science)
William C. Krumbein (Doctor of Science)

Julian Ferris (Doctor of Fine Arts)
William L. Safire (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Donald S. MacNaughton (Doctor of Laws)
Otis Smith (Doctor of Laws)

Donald F. Davison (Doctor of Laws)
Giuseppe Parenti (Doctor of Laws)
Hon. Hugh L. Carey (Doctor of Laws)
John C. Sawhill (Doctor of Laws)

Jerome J. Suran (Doctor of Engineering)
Hilton Kramer (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Sol Feinstone (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Hon. Claiborne Pell (Doctor of Laws)
Hon. Patsy T. Mink (Doctor of Laws)
Robert Morganthau (Doctor of Laws)

Commissioner William E. Chamerlain (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Hon. Edward Brooke (Doctor of Laws)
Hon. Helvi Lienna Sipila (Doctor of Laws)
Hon. William T. Coleman (Doctor of Laws)
Royal L. O'Day (Doctor of Laws)
Vincent E. McKelvey (Doctor of Science)

Allen Howard Neuharth (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Dr. Floyd Henry Allport (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Dr. Kenneth Ewart Boulding (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Victor Weybright (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Dr. Alton Garwood Marshall (Doctor of Laws)
Sen. George Stanley McGovern (Doctor of Laws)
Soia Mentschikoff (Doctor of Laws)

Marty McCarthy (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Preston E. James (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Edward M. Kennedy (Doctor of Laws)
M. Stanton Evans (Doctor of Laws)
Patrick Healy (Doctor of Laws)
Charlotte M. Young (Doctor of Science)

John H. Johnson (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Daniel John Flood (Doctor of Laws)
Nathaniel Rafael Jones (Doctor of Laws)
Sol Myron Linowitz (Doctor of Laws)
Edwin Cornelius Jahn (Doctor of Science)
Howard Hathaway Aiken (Doctor of Science)

Jacqueline Grennan Wexler (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Ramsey Clark (Doctor of Laws)
Whitney Moore Young Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
William R. Fredrickson (Doctor of Science)